A Painter or a Painting? Optical Illusion

Good Morning Friends! Today’s illusion is about a scene which may be a surprise to see, but is the authentic in other sense. Is it a painter or a painting ? The image shows a painter artist creating a canvas, while the artist is itself a ongoing / halfdone painting. Why i call this as reality in other sense is because similar to the canvas in the picture¬†we all are creation of almighty. The superpower above all us is creating these scenes each and every moment. We all are the art created by him! illusions give us perspectives to think isn’t it? You would also like other painting illusions

Pillars or Men? Optical illusion

What you see in a first go? Pillars right ? yes they are pillars but there is another perception to the picture. Can you see three men standing in each gap between the pillars. Its an illusion effect due to the shape of  Pillar edges. More spot object optical illusions here